Friday, 23 March 2018

...they're probably...

Position does not define a leader.  Only actions can do that.  Here are ten clues to help you determine a person’s true role.

1.     If they build themselves by putting others down…they’re probably weak.

2.     If the person in the mirror provides them the best advice…they’re probably insecure.

3.     If they can only make their point by raising their voice…they’re probably not being heard.

4.     If only others make mistakes…they’re probably lacking self -confidence.

5.     If people of good character make them nervous…they’re probably lacking a moral and ethical compass.

6.     If their first inclination is to attack when caught in a lie…they’re probably in constant fear.

7.     If they have no ability to apologise…they’re probably vain.

8.     If their circle of trusted friends is only a semi-circle…they’re probably insincere.

9.     If they are constantly seeking praise, but really deserve scorn…they probably should be pitied.

10.    If their default response is to criticise…they’re probably a coward.

Take a closer look at those in positions of responsibility.   It doesn’t matter if it is in business or government.  It does not matter if it is the president of the company or an entry level supervisor.  If you see these signs, ‘leader’ is the least likely definition of their role. 

If you see these signs in yourself, run, don’t walk, to the front of the line and get some professional guidance and training.   Because if you are able to see these traits, you can be certain that your staff has known about it for some time.

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