Saturday, 3 November 2018

Look to the Western Sky

Most leaders approach change in a planned and reasoned manner.  Progress is made in increments, step by step as it were.  They constantly build on the known as a foundation for what lies ahead.  

For many…perhaps most…this is an equation that provides a secure platform for growth and success.

But transformational leadership demands a different approach.  And we are living in a transformational age.

The best leaders are those who are constantly defying gravity.  They are not constrained by the processes of the past.  Their vision is much broader.

Hasn’t it always been thus?  We need to challenge the conventional to achieve the ‘impossible’.

For eons, we walked the face of this earth.  Then in 1783 the first hot air balloon loosed two French adventurers from the grip of the earth.  Nothing conventional would have achieved their flight.  They had to defy gravity.

For centuries horses were domesticated to be our ‘beasts of burden’.  That is until a new invention was popularized by Ford and motor cars allowed us the break beyond the horizons and travel to points unknown.

When the first airplanes became successful, we again achieved the unexpected.  Once more, we defied gravity and entered a new era.

Throughout history, it has taken leadership willing to risk.
Computers allowed us to travel into space.  AI will open another Pandora’s Box as this century unfolds.

In all of these endeavours, it has taken leadership that is willing to attempt to defy gravity.  Not all will be successful, but those that are will change the world.

What in your business requires you to defy gravity?  Will you accept the challenge?  Or will inertia prevent you from gaining the momentum to fly?