Thursday, 28 December 2017

Passport Optimism

I recently renewed my passport.  When I was asked how long of a renewal I wanted – 5 or 10 years – the agent told me that the oldest person who opted for the 10 year renewal was 99 years old.  It struck me that the applicant must have had an optimistic view of life.

On the one hand, he was still alive and functioning at 99.  On the other hand, he was confident that he was still be fit enough to travel. Furthermore, his optimism was such that he expected to stay in this shape for a minimum of another 10 years.  I was impressed on all three counts.

I know many people 30 years younger than that who won’t buy an extended warranty for fear that they will not outlive the basic guarantee. Some won’t buy green bananas!

Attitude, you see, has much to do with your outlook on life. 

And it applies equally, if not more so, to the way in which you lead.

Your optimism, grounded in realism, rubs off on all within your sphere of influence.  Even if the prospects are bleak, you have a responsibility to find the positive and to build from there.

Without hope you have little likelihood of success.  And you certainly cannot motivate others to higher levels of achievement. 

As we approach 2018 we can be certain that some challenges lie ahead.  That is the nature of life as it is the nature of business.  Make the decision NOW that your response will always be one of optimism; accepting these challenges as a test of your initiative, your ingenuity and your skills as a leader. 

You don’t want to be a Pollyanna and deny reality.  But the positive attitude that you take in your approach will make success much more likely.

My very best to you and yours for a success in the New Year!

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