Thursday, 3 November 2016

The Face in the Mirror

The Face in the Mirror

When we look in the mirror we see what others cannot.  We see the flaws; we see shortcomings; we see the mistakes; we see the fear; we see the doubts.  The mask prevents others from seeing through…from seeing truth.

I have often heard people say ‘…I’m really not ready for this promotion…’ or ‘…what were they thinking to give me this job…’

Their concern is that ‘they’ see only the mask.  ‘They’ must not see what is actually going on inside.  ‘They’ are making a mistake because ‘they’ lack all the facts.

Spoiler Alert!  They are not nearly as foolish as you think.  The mask may indeed hide some flaws.  It does for everyone.

But it also hides from your view some of the talents and skills that others see in you.  The quiet confidence; the supportive nature; the strength others draw from your character. All of these things, and more, are often hidden from our own view because we cannot see past our flaws. Our doubts obscure or cloud a full view of our competencies. We focus on what we cannot do rather than what we can do.

If you have been tapped on the shoulder for promotion, fear not.  Those in positions of responsibility know that no one enters a new role as a fully finished product.  But they see the potential and they are committed to your success.

So embrace with confidence the opportunity that awaits. Be filled with the knowledge that they have seen through the mask and like what they see. 

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