Thursday, 3 September 2015

Real power!

My wife owns a small fabric shop.  In the past year it has grown from a start up to a move to a larger location as demand for the products and services that she offers has ramped up beyond our expectations.

On occasion I am called into duty.  I know little about fabric and make no pretenses either.  Were I to even try, my basic ignorance of the subject would 'out' me in a heartbeat.  Fortunately the store has a tendency to sell itself as her keen eye for fabric and the extent of selection is drawing clients from a wide radius.  This, combined with sound business practices, is creating a viable enterprise.

That said, the most powerful tool that we have employed is one that should be fundamental to all businesses, but sadly is frequently ignored. 

It is simple gratitude.

We ensure that every person entering the store is greeted personally and with thanks for taking time to visit us.  Whether they are a buyer or a looker, 'thank you' is expressed sincerely. It really is a sad commentary when so many of them are pleasantly surprised that their mere presence is appreciated. They feel valued...and feeling valued prompts a desire to reciprocate.

Our shop is small; so I am not losing my voice thanking people.  In your larger companies there are many more opportunities.  And not simply clients that you sometimes speak to...
Staff members, regardless of their role
All clients, regardless of the size of the sale
All suppliers, regardless of the value of your order
Advisors, anyone whose input has made you better
Candidly, there is no one that comes under your sphere of influence who should not be thanked for the contributions that they make to your life and to your success.   It costs you nothing to recognize others and yet it pays such dividends.  Furthermore, it is easy and provides immediate gratification for everyone.
We live in a time and space where entitlement is the operative word.  As a result, our expectations, when met, are not considered worthy of thanks.  The reality is that none of us succeeds alone.  So take time to thank those who make a difference in your world.  It is a powerful tool when used with sincerity.

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  1. I like this article very much. I can't recall who said that " gratitude is the greatest form of prayer" . I practise this as much as possible. Thank you for writing this Jim!