Thursday, 10 September 2015


How often have you heard it?  A company is in need of a transformation and so everyone is encouraged to:

 '...think outside the box...'

People are suddenly given permission to be creative; to think on their own; to explore possibilities; to use the God-given talents that they brought when joining the company.

Isn't it sad?  We develop work environments that discourage any expression that challenges the status quo.  We wait until things are dire.  And then insist that the thought process ought to be that which we have should have promoted all along.

We built walls and obstacles; we put land mines in the way of anyone who might wander off the path of  least resistance.  And we wonder what went wrong.

Why are our best people leaving?
Why are those who remain, so disengaged?
Why are strategies so ineffective?
Shouldn't the issue really be
'...why do we even have a box...'
Leaders need to discard the chains of control and unleash the power that lies within the teams that they have assembled.  I understand that there must be some rules; some processes that guide the day to day operations.  These things provide structure and prevent chaos.  But they cannot limit the potential of the people.

The best leaders are able to function with blurred lines.  Through experience and intuition, they recognize that different people need different limits.  These leaders are willing to own the consequences when things go less well than anticipated.

Every successful company makes mistakes.  But they became successful because they accepted the risks and worked through them; not because they limited the creative talents inherent in their staff. 

Have you the courage of your convictions to think outside the box...

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