Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Two outa three ain't bad!

When we delegate an assignment there is an implicit understanding that the individual receives not only the responsibility but also the authority and the accountability to carry out the task. Having the responsibility and accountability is fundamentally unfair without the appropriate authority to carry out the task.  Two outa three does not cut it!

If we build a stool we understand that there must be at least three legs on which to stand if it is to serve its intended purpose.  With only one or two legs you do not sit; you balance in a precarious position.  Two outa three does not cut it!

As a leader, your behaviour comes with certain expectations. Quite apart from competency, a leader’s behaviour must excel in three areas.
1.   It must be legal.
2.   It must be moral.
3.   It must be ethical.
If ‘…two outa three ain’t bad…’ applies, which of the three are you prepared to invalidate?

Before you jump to a conclusion, think about those impacted by your behaviour. On one hand, there are those within your company. This includes those on your team; those to whom you report; and others upon whom you depend to get your job done.

On the other hand there are those outside of the company; your customer base; your suppliers; your allies; your competitors; family and friends; and the public at large.

Now decide which aspect of your character you can afford to compromise without negatively impacting your reputation and your performance.

Perhaps from your perspective ‘two out three ain’t bad’.  But you need to see things from the perspective of those looking up to you.  If they are not worth your best; how and why should you expect their best in return?

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