Friday, 11 March 2016

Are you missing the Ms?

Do you recognize any of these Company names?  They are all members of the Fortune 500 and all have female CEO's.   In Canada, we have equally talented female CEO's:Heather Reisman at Chapters-Indigo; Linda Hazenfratz at Linamar; Karen Sheriff at BellAliant among many others.

Can you then explain to me again why you don't think that women are fit for executive positions?  Or for any position of responsibility in your business...

The fact of the matter is this.  There is no level of responsibility that cannot be done equally as well by a woman as by a man.  And with the greater emphasis being placed on emotional intelligence today, it is clear that women should have an advantage over men when being considered for positions of leadership.

None of this should come as a surprise.   By 2017, more graduating doctors will be women.  The same is true for lawyers.  Over 40% of MBA graduates at the leading schools are women.  Interestingly, women are graduating more MBA's in the influential categories of marketing, communications, accounting and management; the fields that more typically stream to executive roles.

Overall performance on gender equality in the boardroom is an international embarrassment.  We can blame the old boys network for that.  However there is no excuse to perpetuate the myth.  Not only is it demeaning and degrading to over half the population, it just makes bad - no, horrible - business sense to deny yourself access to over half of the eligible candidates for important roles in your company.

Ignore the truth at your peril.  As in every circumstance, the best will be chosen early.

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