Saturday, 16 May 2015

La Vie de Joie!

During a graduation celebration at university some time ago (don't go there), I debated with a philosophy professor.  I contended that you could probably get someone to do almost any job that was legal, ethical and moral.  There were only two conditions.  The first is that the compensation must be enough.  And the second was that there was a time limit to the position.  I proposed that I could hold my nose at something I did not like as long as these criteria were met.  Looking back, I think that there were some early roles that may have fit this description.

My assumption was that the amount of money would overcome any kind of distaste that I held regarding the position.  Further, this money would buy me the happiness outside of the work environment that I forfeited while working.

In principle I think that this is true.  In reality it is the clearest sign of immaturity and naivety that I can imagine.  The lack of joy that exists in this type of work situation will suck the life out of you regardless of the justification that you propose and no amount of money is going to buy back that deficit.

What has this to do with leadership? 

In my economy, joy is one of the foundational characteristics that a leader must bring to the position each and every day.  If you cannot find joy in what you are doing, how are you going to effectively transfer that emotion to those whom you lead?

As a leader, your staff often look to you for inspiration. You won't be able to fake it with those who work with you on a daily basis.  What this means then is that to achieve your full potential as a leader you must work in a role to which you can bring your passion and express your joy.  To do otherwise is to deny your team the leadership that they need and to deny yourself the opportunity to excel.

Life is far too short to simply exist in a situation in which you cannot function with joy.  If it once existed and now does not, figure out why and get it fixed.  If it has always been absent, or the lost cannot be found, then re-evaluate your priorities and plan to get out of the losing proposition.  Everyone will benefit from your decision.

There is always life after...and it is never too late.!

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