Sunday, 26 April 2015

Show how much you care...

I started to write these blogs 3 years ago out of desire to share my understanding of the issues related to authentic leadership.  For the most part I have been able to avoid becoming too repetitive.  But this time I am being deliberately so as the topic is, in my mind, that important.

As a leader, do you have the courage to answer this question?

What is your shelf life; or put in other words, what is your 'best before' date?

You may recall from earlier posts that one of your primary responsibilities is to be the person with the most passion.  You are always the `glass half full` champion from whom the rest of the team draws its strength when things are difficult.  This role can be both physically and emotionally draining with the potential of sapping you of your joy.  And if that happens, your leadership effectiveness is at risk.

Let's face facts.  At some time or another we must all move along (or aside) and allow someone else to take the reigns.  Sometimes it is a matter of age; sometimes the changes in technology require a new approach; perhaps it is simply at matter of lack of passion.  Regardless of the catalyst, will you respect your position enough to relinquish it?

In a small business this decision can be extremely delicate because of potential succession issues within the family.  In larger firms, giving up the status and influence of your role may be a blow to the ego.  But if you truly are the leader that you feel you are, you will set aside the personal aspects and do the right thing for the company.

It is a tough call!  But if you are sensing that the company needs a change then you can be pretty certain that your staff have been sensing if for an even longer period of time.  We are generally the last to admit personal shortcomings.

Get input from your partner; seek the opinion of a trusted peer; or call in an outside professional who can be honest and dispassionate.  But don't let it linger.  Too much of what you have already built becomes at risk the longer you postpone the inevitable.

Take the burden off your shoulders and show how much you really do care.  Everyone, including you, will be better off in the long run.

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