Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Leadership that Inspires

Rather than blog this time I am offering confidential copies of my Leadership whitepaper.  Normal cost is $20 but it is provided free during the holiday period as my present to you.

Simply contact me directly at jbbrown@bell.net

Here is the index:


Introduction                                                                                                    Page 3
Chapter 1                    The Leadership Equation                                          Page 10
Chapter 2                    Accountability Counts                                                Page 14
Chapter 3                   Sometimes the Caddy is Right                                    Page 18
Chapter 4                    An Enlightened Perspective on Failure                    Page 20
Chapter 5            You only Get Out what you are Willing to Put In           Page 22
Chapter 6          It is Easier to Read the Book once it has been Opened        Page 25
Chapter 7                     The Plumb Line                                                          Page 28
Chapter 8                    Are You the Chicken or the Pig?                              Page 30
Chapter 9                    What Colour are Your Glasses?                                Page 32
Chapter 10                    Is this Your Time.                                                       Page 34



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