Monday, 23 December 2013

Put and end to New Year's Resolutions

As I sit to write this posting, January is approaching quickly.  Although there is no practical difference between December and January, most people feel that turning that page on the calendar somehow imparts an opportunity for renewal.  They can mentally put the past year behind them and they can begin to look forward to the days ahead with a renewed optimism.  It is almost as though some mystical power had been preventing them from reaching certain goals or achieving objectives that they knew were important.  But by turning the page they expect to break that spell and move in a positive direction.  And so we make resolutions...

Sometimes we write them down and, for added emphasis, we post them prominently.  Others will share these resolutions with friends in the expectation that this will make them more real.

Every January the membership roles at fitness centres take a jump.  Those resolutions for a healthier lifestyle or weight loss find hope inside these sweaty walls.  And for several days, even weeks, the crowds jostle for room in the fitness classes or on the equipment .  But then, almost as quickly as the numbers grew, they begin to decline.  By mid-February class sizes are back to normal and the regulars are able to get their treadmill of choice without issue.

The problem with resolutions - whether in our personal lives or our professional lives - is that, for most, they are only an expression of hope or desire.  The saying that the road to hell is paved with good intentions was surely born of failed resolutions.  Until that hope or desire is translated into a COMMITMENT CONFIRMED THROUGH ACTION, it will remain only an unfulfilled wish.

At the same time we need to recognize that there is nothing special about January 1st.  We all have things we need to change or goals we want to accomplish that we continue to defer to some future date.  It is so much easier to create the list than to do something about it. 

NOTHING WILL GET DONE UNTIL YOU COMMIT TO DO IT AND SET IT IN ACTION.  And that can be done any day of the year.  I committed to a healthier life in November 2012 and I have been pretty faithful in attending the local YMCA 6 days a week.  I am a lot healthier and stronger.  But I am not lighter.  Why...because I have not committed to eating fewer cookies and candies.  I have used my workouts almost as an excuse to reward myself more often.  This is a commitment to change that I need to address and no resolution will do that for me.

Don't wait.  The folks at Nike hit it on the head...JUST DO IT!  Whether it is part of your strategic plan at work or a personal priority, a resolution remains only that...until it is done. Commit and act; don't write and hope.


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